Train Your Brain

Exercise Your Brain for Optimal Cognition


There exists an endless list of ways to train your brain! That’s good news for people like you and me who want to improve cognitive ability!

If you’re concentration, memory and brain function are not as strong as you want them to be, diet and lifestyle adjustments can do wonders for you. However, if you want to get to the next level, performing brain exercises with intent to expand your mental thresholds is a surefire way to accomplish just that!

Now, if you’re not very physically active, something as simple as a brisk walk  can improve blood flow, boost endorphins and get your brain going, but in order to really increase concentration and cognition, some brain teasers, and simulated mental challenges can be to your brain what the bench press is to your muscles.

You could always go the traditional route with crossword puzzles, times table sheets or sudoku, but I’m a big fan of more fully rounded programs like Lumosity. The basis of Lumosity is to makes training your brain more  interactive and FUN! It’s basically a bunch of games that are strategically designed to exercise specific areas of your brain, giving them a great work out and translating the cognitive strength gained to everyday tasks. It also tracks your scores and progress so you can see how your concentration improves over time. Throw in a bunch of little tips, tricks and facts for improving the ol’ mind and you’ve got yourself an easy to use, fun way of working out your brain that breeds mental optimization.

Now Lumosity requires a paid membership, but you can get a FREE 30 day trial to start. And in all honesty if you’re mental sharpness is something you rely on to make money (I’m willing to bet it is) you’ll easily make what you paid for it and then some in no time at all.

And if you don’t want to pay you can always Skype me and I’ll quiz you on math equations. 😛

I’ve been using Lumosity for the past year and strongly recommend it, because at the moment I believe it’s the best of the best in brain training programs. However, if you want to explore some more option, here are few other brain training programs you can check out and choose which one works best for you!


Brain Metrix

Posit Science

Neuro Nation